WHTA Auxiliary December Meeting

Dec 18th, 2017 | By | Category: News

The Walking Horse Trainers’ Ladies Auxiliary held their annual meeting on Friday, December 1st at Edgemont Baptist Church at 11:00am. The auxiliary had their forms to be filled out and turned in with their dues and everyone signed in for attending the meeting. Carol Lackey opened the meeting showing an antique find she discovered at the local antique store. It was the first ever Money Tree Classic program book. Taking a stroll down memory lane was a lot of fun for everyone.
Lots of business was discussed for the upcoming year, such as plans for the Money Tree Classic as well as the Money Tree Fall Classic in which the Auxiliary will host again this year. The dog show will now be under the care of Marty and Jennifer Barr. The ladies are very excited to see the 2018 Celebration Dog Show be the best it’s ever been. It’s such a nice way to include the locals in our community and get them involved in the Celebration.
Discussions were made as to whom to donate money to. Freda Dean always distributes in a great way and it’s so nice to benefit organizations that are using Tennessee Walking Horses. Ways to help expand our scholarship programs were discussed. Beth Thomas and Kari Tisma will be in charge of that for the upcoming year. At the meeting they discussed ways to benefit the group the best and cut some corners to make it easier for hard working girls. The group agreed to mail out some gift cards for people in our industry going through hard times and would notify the group about thank you cards received.
The members each voted for three people that they wanted to judge the 2018 Money Tree Classic. To stay up to date with the Ladies Auxiliary you can visit them on Facebook.

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