Celebration Officials Announce….. Championship entries will be stabled on the show grounds.

Apr 6th, 2018 | By | Category: News

What was first recommended in 2014 by the Veterinarian Advisory Council will now become a reality in 2018. This year the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration will host its 80th year. With this milestone event comes a new rule… all championship class entries will be stabled on the show grounds 48 hours prior to their championship performance. The Celebration feels it will allow fans and enthusiasts an opportunity to see more horses, and it will create a more festive environment on the show grounds.

This new rule will also create other changes. The entry deadline for championship classes will now be 48 hours prior instead of the 24 hour rule from the past. Even though The Celebration has always offered security around the clock, this change will result in more. The Celebration is very aware that additional security will be required, and they will make this increase in staff. With more people on the show grounds, vendors should see more profit, which in return, will help more charities.

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